cleanguard, your night guard's best line of defense. A safe and effective cleaning solution for you oral night guard.

About CleanGuard

Cleanguard gives you a fresh breath boost

Your days in the denture aisle are over, CleanGuard is an anti-bacterial cleanser designed specifically for your night guard.

Created by one of New York City’s leading dental providers, CleanGuard is a night guard cleaning system that tames oral germs and gives you a fresh breath boost. Plaque-fighting power meets at-home care in two conveniently packaged tabs.

Leave the denture cleaner for your grandparents. Preserve your oral health with CleanGuard. How do I clean my night guard? Use CleanGuard.

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How is CleanGuard different from regular denture cleaner?

You wouldn’t wear two left shoes just because they cover your feet, so why use a denture product just because it cleans your night guard? Look, we know we’re not reinventing the wheel here, but we also know that you deserve a product made specifically for your oral needs. The difference between CleanGuard and your run-of-the-mill denture cleaner is that we designed this system with your night guard in mind: It provides a tough bacteria-busting solution in a gentle non-abrasive formula, perfect for your nightly appliance.

Is CleanGuard safe?

For germs, no. For humans, you bet. CleanGuard has four basic ingredients, each of which you can find at your local pharmacy. Instead of giving you a grocery list on how to clean your night guard, we did the legwork for you and put together this bubbly byproduct. Your mouth will thank us

How do I clean my night guard with CleanGuard?

Simply open a CleanGuard package, drop the two tabs into a cup of water, and then add your night guard. Voila, you’re an oral hygienist---and you didn’t even have to put on the scratchy lab coat! CleanGuard is safe enough to store your night guard all-day and strong enough to get the job done in just a few short minutes before bed.

Can I use CleanGuard on my other dental appliances?

Absolutely! Our expert dental team designed this cleaning system with night guards in mind, but it is safe to use on retainers, clear braces, or any other appliance that keeps your pearly whites looking great.

Where can I buy CleanGuard?

Use our helpful store locater to find a CleanGuard distributor near you, or skip the check-out line and stop by Amazon to place your order right now.


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